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Published by Amanda Long on September 1, 2017

Image of Registration Written on ChalkboardBelow is a list of documents you MUST provide to register at LCMS. Please have the registration paperwork filled out accurately and bring all of the requested information with you in order to successfully complete the registration process. Students must be enrolled by the parents only.

Proof of Address-   You must provide proof that you actually reside in our school district. No one is allowed to register without the appropriate documentation. 

  • If buying your home: (Only one required)

Deed of trust or copy of mortgage statement
Currently monthly utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric)

  • If renting your home (Only one required)

Rental contract/Lease signed by the agent including telephone numbers and the agent’s address
Current monthly utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric)

  • If renting or living with INDIVIDUAL:

Certification of address form (provided by the school). This form must be notarized.
The lease/deed/trust of the individual you are renting from proving that THEY live in our district
Current monthly bill (Utility, Water, Gas, Electric)
Must provide one of the following: Your house bill, pay stub, or social security check with the address that you are residing at

  • Immunization Record- Students who enroll without proof of immunizations have 30 to present such proof.  Students who do not provide that proof will be dismissed from school per School Board Policy. (6th grade students must have the Tdap booster shot.)
  • Most Recent Report Card- Students who have no documentation of previous school work can not complete the registration process. If you do not have such documentation please contact your previous school and ask them to fax it to us at (910)864-8298. Please be sure we know how to contact you so we can notify you when the fax has been received. We must have the report card so we can place your student (s) in the appropriate classes. If your student (s) received services under the Exceptional Children’s (EC) Program please be sure you have a copy of the current (IEP) Individual Education Plan .
  • Current Custody-  According to School Board Policy a student must reside with the custodial parent or court- appointed guardian to enroll in our system. If the parents are separated or divorced, we must have a copy of the custody agreement. Legal custody must be court appointed and signed by a judge. Our school system does NOT recognize notarized statements for guardianship purposes. Power of attorney will only be accepted in in the case of a military parent who is currently deployed.
  • Student’s Social Security Card
  • Photo ID of Parent
  • Birth Certificate of Students (must be a certified copy not a parent copy)
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