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Dress Code

Dress Code Embossed On Bronze BackgroundShirts

  • Shirts need to be plain, long or short sleeve with collar. (Colors: white, navy blue, red) Shirt must be tucked in at all times. No logos are allowed.

Sweaters or Sweatshirts

  • Must be a solid color. May be worn over uniform polo with collar showing. May be cardigan or pullover. No logos, hoods, or vests. (Only acceptable colors: white, navy blue or red)


  • Jackets/heavy coats must be removed upon entrance into the building, and stored in lockers until dismissal. (Jackets may not be worn during the day).

  Absolutely NO hoodies worn in the building!


  • All bottoms must be navy blue, khaki, or black in color
  • Pants should be worn above the waist, no sagging.
  • Shorts/skirts/skorts must be worn at the knee or longer and follow the same guidelines as pants.
  • No cargo, spandex, jeggings, denim, form fitting, low rise, skinny jeans, cut offs, corduroy, joggers, designs or extra zippers are allowed
  • Belts must be worn at all times if bottoms have belt loops.


  • Athletic shoes of any color are permitted.
  • Baby doll or flats may be worn. (must be black or brown)
  • No flip flops, open toe shoes, boots or athletic sandals are allowed.


  • Socks must be plain in color. (Only 1 pair of socks will be worn, no designs or logos, must be visible on the sock).


  • Students can wear 1 watch or medical bracelet.
  • Earrings can be no larger than a #2 pencil and hoops can be no larger than a quarter.
  • There are no rings, necklaces, jelly bracelets, wallet chains, key chains that are allowed to be worn. Absolutely no jewelry affixed to the students tongue, nose, eyebrow, neck, lip or any part of the face.
  • No hats, sunglasses, bandannas, headbands or head wraps allowed. There are no large bows allowed in the hair.

PE Uniforms

  • Bottoms: Any color athletic shorts.
  • Tops: White, Navy or Red T-shirts
  • Uniforms may be carried in a school bought mesh bag or a plastic grocery bag.


  • No backpacks will be worn throughout school building or in classrooms. Backpacks must be placed in school locker. (School issued locks must be purchased to secure lockers.)

Dress Down Days

  • Normal School Dress Policy rules apply!
  • Bottoms: No sagging, low rise, rips or holes, sheer or see-thru,  joggers, leggings, or jeggings.
  • Tops: No low cut, sleeveless, sheer or see-thru midriffs, vulgarity, alcohol/drugs or offensive writing depicted.
  • Shoes: No sandals, open-toed shoes, flip-flops.

Please Note:

We cannot allow students to dress in a manner which disrupts or distracts others from learning. Final judgment is left up to school administrators in matters concerning compliance with dress code and those items not specifically covered in this policy.

Student Dress Code Violations

1st offense: Student Conference/Document

2nd offense: Parent phone call/Document

3rd offense: Parent phone call/ Team Discipline (ie. lunch detention, loss of team/school privileges, etc.)

4th offense: Parent phone call/ Team ISS

5th offense: Administrative Referral

After receiving 4 or more uniform offenses, students may be subject to loss of privileges such as dress down passes and attending after school activities

Published by Amanda Long on March 26, 2019